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Boles Street was named for the family of Thomas D. Boles who was the owner of a large store located on the South side of the Fayetteville Square. 

Thomas D. Boles’ second wife, Mrs. Clementine Boles, was a sister of W.A. Watson, for whom Watson Street was named. At one time, the siblings owned all of the property from St. Charles Avenue down to Rollston Avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Boles had three children who died in infancy. One of the children’s name was Charles, who died at the age of 3. Mrs. Boles named St. Charles Avenue in his memory. One of Washington County’s best-known women of the time, a leader in church and civic work, Mrs. Boles died October 14, 1921. 

After her death, her brother, E.P. Watson, beneficiary of the property, created Boles Street, subdivided the property and created several lots – one of which became Boles 112 after the present home was constructed around 1927/1928.